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Your Journey to Health & Healing
I am a 55-year-old man with chronic liver disease. I began seeing Dr. Foresman about two years ago after mainstream, non-integrative, traditional Western doctors failed to make an effort or show an interest in solving my difficult-to-treat condition, other than the use of intense and extreme pharmaceuticals that only made my condition worse. Dr. Foresman did not hesitate to take me on. He spends the time I need with him, explaining issues very well, and understands what I am trying to say. He is an excellent communicator. His mind is open to realize we are all individuals and different approaches work for different people. He has helped me get through some tough times. Best of all, he does not have a doctor “attitude”. He is not callous like many doctors. His registered nurses have been the best I’ve ever seen. They are knowledgeable, helpful, caring, and are the best at what they do. I visit regularly for Alpha Lipoic Acid intravenous infusions. These treatments have helped me get back on my feet. The nutritional products sold at his onsite store are all top quality and priced right. The sales person is very knowledgeable also. The doctor’s assistant, billing department staff, and admissions staff are always on the spot to get done whatever needs to be done promptly and correctly with a smile. You won’t have to speak to anyone through a small opening in a sliding glass window, or ever realize your pets get kinder treatment at a veterinarian clinic, at Dr. Foresman’s office. For me, Dr. Foresman has taken the dread out of a doctor visit, and transformed it into a pleasant and positive experience. That’s a great start to being well.
-Fred Kowal

After spending more than $40,000 to get pregnant through invitro fertilization, my husband and I were told that I would probably never have a baby. Devastated, I went to see Dr. Foresman. Following his protocol of heparin and immune boosters, I became pregnant within a month. I don’t believe little Jack would be here except for Dr. Foresman’s therapies.
-Lisa Mignola

After years of illness, thanks to the skills of Gary Foresman, MD (Internal Medicine), I now enjoy a quality of life I never thought would be possible again. I feel better now than I did ten years ago!
-Liz Bissell

I thought my pain and inability to walk was from fibromyalgia. Dr. Foresman was the only doctor who listened to me carefully and sought a little deeper. When I elected hip replacement surgery, Dr. Foresman carefully prepared me physically and mentally. Now I have my life back, I can walk and even dance!
-Charlene Kohler
Dr. Maybee is the best chiropractor I have seen. He has helped me with a pre-existing condition and I haven't felt this good in years. His gentle approach has made it very comfortable for me. I appreciate that he doesn't just adjust all of you because you are there, but instead adjusts only what is necessary. I will continue to see him.
-Yvette Chaix

Dr. Maybee has changed my life. Before, I couldn't... now I can He is doctor "For Sure!" in my book!
-Pamela Reswick

I call Dr. Maybee "Magic Man". I used to have severe back pain but - no more! Dr. Maybee has also helped with other, minor aches, pains and irritations. He's my "go to" chiropractor.
-Sean Morgan

I think we've lost sight of what "health insurance" means. To me it means we can trust that we will be taken care of in our most vulnerable moment of need...that we are guaranteed the best health care available and we won't be turned away.
That's the relationship I have with Dr. Maybee. We have trust. He promises to take care of me, and together we have achieved what some call miracles. More of that in a moment.
But first, here's a little bit of background about him: Dr. Maybee is a "home town boy". He was born and raised here on the Central California Coast. He served his duty to our country in the U.S. Air Force as - no surprise- a medic, taking care of his fellow servicemen and women. He studied and received his degree at Western States Chiropractic College in Oregon. Now for the past few years, he's been back home here to take care of us.
I came to Dr. Maybee with little hope. Having broken my neck in a car accident in 1992, then diagnosed with muscular degeneration from thyroid disease, I couldn't hold my head up and suffered from chronic pain. . I had to use a walker just to get around, and needed an attendant to bathe me and prepare my food.
The turning point in my life was when, during our first meeting, as he carefully examined my x-rays, he said "I think I can help you".
That was the beginning . . . now, a few months later, he and I celebrate the successful result of effective therapy and excellent medical care. I walk without a walker, I have no pain, I can read for hours (something I had to give up before), I can bathe myself, and have even started driving again. I have regained my independence. I'm so happy!
I recommend him to everyone who asks...and many do! My friends and family can't believe I'm the same person, and now at 54 I feel as if I have a new life ahead of me.
I will never be able to thank Dr. Maybee enough...for all of his therapy and expertise, all of his encouragement and confidence that I could recover from such severe disabilities.
Dr. Maybee has changed my life. And that's the best health insurance anyone could ever want.
-C. Erwin (12/2008)