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Dr Foresman

Gary E. Foresman, MD

The Integrative Medical Practice

Dr. Foresman is the only Internist on the Central Coast with extensive research training during medical school as part of the Junior Honors Medical Program. He ranked among the top in the nation on his Internal Medicine Board Exams. He has the best and most comprehensive Internal Medicine training to be found, including serving as a Clinical Professor who has trained other physicians at a University Medical Center. 

In 1994, when he moved to the Central Coast to raise his family and open a private practice, he quickly became dissatisfied with the inability of established Western medical treatments to effectively treat many of his patients. Determined to help his patients, he began investigating alternative therapies and has expanded his training in many systems of healing, not just Ayurveda, Meditation, Stress Management, and Massage but also Botanical, Ortho Molecular and Functional Medicine Systems. Middle Path Medicine was founded in 2008 as Dr. Foresman continued to expand his knowledge base. His precise, scientific mind combined with a holistic integrative perspective makes him not only the best diagnostician, but also the most skilled at therapeutically synthesizing the finest healing modalities for each individual.
  • Board and Fellowship Trained and Certified in Internal Medicine
  • Board Diplomate of Functional, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine
  • Fellow in Integrative Cancer Therapies
Specialties include:
  • Integrative Cancer Treatment
  • Women’s & Men’s Health
  • BHRT-BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Weight Loss & Detoxification
  • Anxiety/Depression/Insomnia
  • Diabetes & High Cholesterol
  • Digestive Health & Food Allergies
  • Sexual Health
  • Fatigue/Stress/Adrenal Health
These are just a few of many. Please call to find out additional information
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  • Evidence Based Medicine
  • And many more!
1984 University of Florida – Bachelor’s Degree in Biological & Medical Sciences
Member of Junior Honors Medical Program (accelerates path through Medical School) Phi Beta Kappa Scholar
1987 University of Florida – Medical Doctor
1988 University of California Irvine – Internal Medicine Internship
1990 Internal Medicine Residency
1991 Primary Care Internal Medicine Fellowship
2010 Integrative Oncology Fellowship
2011 American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Functional, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Fellowship
Certificates and License
1988–Present California License to Practice Medicine
1990 American Board of Internal Medicine Diplomate
1994 Certified Instructor in Ayurveda and Primordial Sound Meditation – Chopra Center
1999 Certified Massage Therapist
2010 Fellow in Integrative Cancer Therapies
2011 American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Board Diplomate of Functional, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine
1991-1994 University of California Irvine - Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine
1994-1998 San Luis Medical Clinic/ Mission Medical Associates
1998–Present Outpatient Internal Medicine/Integrative Medicine Practice, San Luis Obispo County, CA
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