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Articles and Slides

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You can listen to the audio and view the .pdf at the same time. Click on the play "▶︎" button to start the audio. Then click on the "D/L Powerpoint" button to view the powerpoint in your browser. You can then follow along with the audio using the powerpoint.

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Foundations of Health
Stress, Anxiety, & Depression
Stress Management Part 1
Stress Management Part 2
Stress Management Part 3
Stress Management Part 4
Metabolic Health
Multivitamin Misconceptions
Audio Not Available!
Multivitamin Misconceptions 2
Audio Not Available!
Multivitamin Misconceptions 3
Digestive Difficulties
Immune System
The Lack of Energy Remedy
Is Fat Where It's At?
Is Gluten-Free the Way to Be?
Mega Mind
Treating Cancer
Weight Loss and Detox
Audio Not Available!
Symphony of Hormones 1 + 2
D/L Powerpoint
Symphony of Hormones Part 2 >>
Cardiovascular Risk
Your Cholesterol Profile
Audio Not Available!
The Truth About Vitamin D
Audio Not Available!
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